Solana Smart Contract Audits and Security Services

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BRANds that Trust us!


Funds/Tokens secured due to bugs triaged after initial discovery and report by our team.


Deep Code Review

In-depth code review with multiple 1-on-1 sessions with your core engineering team

Concise Report

No more lengthy audit reviews. Our reports are short, on point, and understandable to your audience.

Seasoned Security Experts

Our auditors have great experience and reputation in finding and reporting critical bugs across the ecosystem.



Our mission is to bring our security focused culture to Solana, the fastest-growing ecosystem in the blockchain space. We engage in partnerships with our clients based on continuous support, instant responsiveness and providing high-quality security services. We future-proof your code and help you safely navigate the process of deploying your Solana project to production.


We inspect the correctness of your logic, and offer hands-on live code review sessions and on-demand customization to meet your security requirements. With our deep-scoped fuzzy and penetration testing, prime reverse engineering techniques and in-depth code analysis, we detect entire classes of bugs in your project and help you mitigate anomalies overlooked by other security teams. Prepare to experience a new dynamic auditing process with Mad Shield!

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